Marcin Floryan

Lead Software Engineer

Marcin Floryan

I had the good fortune of joining CTM two weeks after we have moved into a brand new, shiny office, purposefully designed to cater for the needs of a modern organisation. However, I have quickly realised that it’s the great team of bright people we have that truly creates the friendly, supportive working environment.

From day one it became clear that CTM will provide me with many opportunities to learn and improve. We constantly look at new technologies and innovation in the wild and don’t hesitate to try out the new tools, frameworks or technologies; and we discard them equally quickly if they don’t work. We take the same innovative approach with the way our teams are structured and the we work.

I feel that we have, at CTM, a critical mass of people who are brave and eager to study and try out new things and push the boundaries where it makes sense. We aim to give people the space and the freedom to realise their passion, improve as individuals and across teams.

Personally this gives me a great opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities. From joining interesting conferences in the industry to trying out my own little talks in and outside of the office. From building my own little pet projects to building a new IT infrastructure. From coaching and mentoring individuals to facilitating retrospectives and workshops across the teams. There is always something interesting going on at CTM.